Rabu, 18 Juni 2014

When Your Life Gets Hard
Problem is like a coin. when you put it in front of your eyes and you only focus to see it, you feel that coin is really BIG! But if you put it far from your eyes, you will see that coin just a small thing. And Amazing, you can see there are so many people and beautiful things around you...

Everyone has a problem. We can't avoid it when the problem comes to us. Because this life has a good and bad side. Sometimes life feel so hard. The problem comes to you one by one. You fall down again and again. So what would you do if your life in this position?

The first is stop for a while and take a deep breath. Look around you and be wistful. There are so many things that maybe you are not grateful yet. A simple thing is such as you can see clearly, you can hear easily, you can speak loudly, you can feel your heart beat fast. And then you'll find your spirit again to solve your problem.

The second is you can share your problem to the other. Share your problem to people who can keep your secret and give you solution. It will be better for you.

The third is you should find out your love. The love who can heal your sorrow. When you ask me about love and what I know about it? My answer will be it's everything about God. The pure love and The Creator of you and me. The creator of all and the whole universe. And He become the Guardian of His believers.

So, when your time gets hard and there's no way to turn, just believe that your God will bring you out from the darkness into the light. You shouldn't feel afraid of anything as long as you follow His guidance. Because He promises that He always be there for you. God always bless us with His love and His mercy.

God always watch us
God always guides us, and...
God always knows what's in our little heart...

Kediri, 18th June 2014

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